Do you want to get a whiter smile in no time? With the Cleaner Smile Teeth Whitening Kit, results will be visible after the first use. Containing the active ingredient carbamide peroxide at a concentration of 35%, these safe strips are designed to provide professional whitening and effectively remove stubborn stains that have built up over 10 years.


Nowadays, the first impression of a person is often based on his appearance. Dentists are aware that their work often involves correcting appearance through modification of smile parameters.

Previous research shows that people with more attractive appearance receive more positive evaluations from others. Therefore, we can conclude that the smile is an important factor in appearance, and choosing the ideal shade of teeth plays a key role in the comprehensive dental rehabilitation of the patient. In a beauty and health-conscious society, snow-white teeth are considered an important requirement among dental patients.

Causes of Tooth Discoloration

Tooth enamel, by its nature, is almost completely transparent, and the primary color of teeth is determined by dentin. Dentin can vary from light yellow to dark brown. The dentin shows through the enamel, determining the visible color of the teeth. This could possibly save you a lot of money on dental fees.

You will often notice that as you age, your teeth become more yellow in color. This is explained by changes in the thickness and density of the enamel: in young people, the enamel is usually more uniform, dense and strong. Dentin is less visible, giving the smile a brighter appearance.

In middle-aged and older people, changes in the structure and density of tooth tissue occur over time. The enamel wears off, becomes thinner and becomes covered with microcracks, which also affects the color. The condition of the dentin also changes, making teeth darker. The complex works great in combination with other recommendations to support a healthy lifestyle.

In addition to these factors, you should consider how the structure of the tooth affects its color. It is usually noticeable that the tooth closer to the gum is darker than at its edge. The cutting edge of the tooth is always translucent and allows light to pass through.

  • Diseases suffered during pregnancy can affect the child’s teeth, since the formation of teeth begins in the womb.
  • The use of certain medications, especially tetracycline antibiotics, can cause “tetracycline teeth” with yellowing as a side effect.
  • Diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and internal organs affect the health and appearance of the smile.
  • The formation of plaque changes color, covering the enamel with a dense layer. If plaque is not removed, it can harden and cause tooth decay.
  • Progressive caries changes the color of the tooth, starting with the appearance of gray or whitish spots on the enamel and progressing to a dark brown or black shade.
  • Tooth trauma can lead to sudden darkening associated with damage or death of the pulp inside the tooth.
  • Endodontic treatment can change the color of the tooth if outdated materials were used or the pulp was removed incorrectly.
  • Smoking causes yellow or brown enamel due to tar and nicotine permeating the tooth structure.
  • Frequent consumption of coloring drinks such as tea, coffee, wine, juices and colas, with their dyes and high acidity, affects the color of teeth.

How to Solve the Problem of Teeth Whitening?

Historically, teeth whitening is a widely used technique in the field of cosmetic dentistry. According to average estimates, 8 out of 10 people face the problem of yellow teeth, but only 25% of them turn to specialized whitening systems. An interesting fact is that when carrying out a whitening procedure on their own, 65% of patients are subsequently not recommended to use such products, and only 2 out of 10 patients with teeth coloring problems seek help from professional dentists. There is a significant gap between the actual needs for teeth whitening and the ability to use special medications to achieve this goal. Take care of your dental health. Get more positive emotions from using this unique formula. From the first days, this product will help you enjoy a snow-white smile. Give others a beautiful smile. Surprisingly quickly you can cope with the problem of plaque at home. With this unique technology, you can remove yellow plaque from your teeth and get a perfect smile. Get a perfect smile and healthy teeth. This is one of the most available ways to solve caries problems.

Sometimes patients refuse whitening procedures due to doubts about its effectiveness or concerns about possible complications. Most dental clinics do not discuss the issue of whitening fully and to a sufficient level of understanding with their target patients. With the right approach, a doctor can encourage a patient to achieve the desired shade of teeth through a whitening procedure, changing the trend of do-it-yourself whitening to a controlled, professionally-guided procedure. This will not only increase patient satisfaction with the results of the intervention, but will also further increase the income of dental clinics. To develop a consensus decision regarding the bleaching procedure, it is necessary to answer a series of sequential questions, as outlined below. Even if you have never used such a product before, be sure to order this option for yourself. Be sure to consult your dentist before using this kit.

What Teeth Whitening Options Are Available to Patients?

In addition to well-known over-the-counter medications that patients can purchase on their own, it is possible to carry out whitening using special trays made by dentists individually for each patient, for example, Crystal Teeth Kit. These trays are filled with whitening gel in a precisely defined dosage and used at home under the strict supervision of a doctor. The success of this method depends on how closely the patient follows the doctor’s instructions. Sometimes patients express dissatisfaction with the results, wanting a higher degree of whitening, but the doctor may suggest using a more powerful chemical agent in a clinical setting. Previously, a 34% hydrogen peroxide solution was used, requiring soft tissue protection during the procedure, but recent research shows that a 25% solution is also effective, and a powerful light source can be used to speed up the process.

How Does the Whitening Process Work?

Teeth whitening is carried out by diffusion of hydrogen peroxide into the tooth structure. Increasing the concentration of hydrogen peroxide, the duration of exposure to the chemical agent, and the use of a powerful source of light, heat or laser radiation enhance the diffusion process. Hydrogen peroxide decomposes into water and oxygen radicals, penetrating through enamel and dentin and providing maximum whitening effect after just 30 minutes. The procedure is completed after 90 minutes, after which the patient can return to normal life. High performance ensures efficient use of the product.

Benefits of Crystal Teeth Healthy Smile & Body:

  • Professional whitening at home.
  • Quick results.
  • No need to help a dentist.
  • Suitable for everyone.
  • Crystal Smile Teeth Whitening Kit price is cheaper than visiting a dental clinic.

How to Use?

Crystal Teeth Healthy Smile & Body is intended for self-use at home. Each set includes special strips and a mouth guard. Read the instructions and follow the manufacturer’s recommendations and use Crystal Teeth Whitening Kit until you achieve the desired result.

Who is Selling?

Crystal Teeth Kit is sold exclusively on the seller’s official website. You can order this product without a prescription and use it as needed. Be sure to consult a physician or other licensed expert before use.