Wireless speakers have become an integral part of everyday life, providing users with convenience and mobility in a variety of usage scenarios. Today they are widespread – from picnics and travel to parties and relaxation at home.


The main obstacle when choosing the right wireless speaker is high expectations. Of course, a compact device with small speakers cannot compete with the sound quality of stationary models, but this is not required. Portable speakers successfully handle other tasks required in various use cases.

For example, for high-quality music listening, it is recommended to choose stationary speakers, while portable speakers are ideal for dubbing movies and listening to music while traveling. Even a small speaker can offer sound superior to a laptop’s built-in speakers, providing an enjoyable movie-watching and music-listening experience.

Portable speakers are also great for dubbing videos and listening to podcasts. Taking up little desk space, they are convenient for background use. Connecting via Bluetooth makes it possible to move the speaker around different rooms without interrupting playback. Please note that this tool is indeed in high demand.

When used outdoors, such as while working out, on a picnic, or on a bike ride, wireless speakers are an excellent choice. It is recommended to pay attention to the Beatfy 360 model, which combines an affordable price with high quality materials, excellent sound and long battery life without recharging. Beatfy 360 is a versatile portable speaker ideal for a variety of tasks such as watching movies, background playback during the workday, picnic or construction site. This model really produces very good sound. An excellent solution for fans of music and active recreation.

Benefits of the Beatfy 360 Wireless Speaker

The sound of this model is represented by clear, fairly deep and rich bass, which perfectly fills the space, making the tabletop tremble. High frequencies sound bright and ringing, although there may be a little lack of “air”, probably due to monophony. All these aspects of the sound occur against the backdrop of a transparent and rich midrange. The sound is pleasant and moderate, and when the volume is reduced, the bass maintains its depth, which is also a good indicator. Be sure to read the instructions before use.

The model supports connection of up to two Bluetooth speakers, which creates a stereo effect and improves the sound, providing a richer audio experience. This makes the sound more comfortable, despite belonging to a relatively affordable market segment. Multifunctionality allows the product to be used in various fields. This model really deserves more attention.

The speaker housing is durable and non-marking, and is fully IPX6 waterproof, making the Beatfy 360 ideal for use in a variety of conditions, including the beach, pool or rainy weather.

The device has convenient and large buttons, and the presence of legs allows you to install the speaker in the “monitor” position, improving the sound. The mode of combining two speakers into a stereo pair provides loud and clear sound with a clear margin of another 30% (probably limited by software). One charge allows the device to work for a long time.

Using Bluetooth technology, connecting to the Beatfy 360 is instantaneous, making it easy to use.

Battery life in listening mode reaches up to 10 hours, which is an outstanding indicator of energy efficiency, allowing you to enjoy music for a long time without the constant need to charge. Comparing Beatfy 360 with its analogues, you can see that 10 hours is a really excellent indicator.

How to Use and Connect a Wireless Speaker?

Using and connecting a wireless speaker like the Beatfy 360 is usually quite simple. Here are steps that can help you with this process:

  1. Charging: Before first use, make sure your speaker is fully charged. To do this, use the USB cable that comes with it, which you can connect to the charging port.
  2. Power On: Locate the power button on the speaker, usually located on the top or side. Hold down the power button until the operation indication appears.
  3. Paring mode: Turn on the paring mode on the speaker. This usually happens automatically when you turn on the device, but sometimes an additional button press may be required.
  4. Turn on Bluetooth on the device: Turn on Bluetooth on your smartphone, tablet or other device to which you want to connect the speaker.
  5. Search for a device: Go to the Bluetooth section on your device and search for available devices to connect to. Beatfy 360 should be visible in the list.
  6. Connect: Select Beatfy 360 from the list of devices and confirm the connection request. In most cases, the speaker will beep or the LEDs will indicate a successful connection.

Your wireless speaker is now ready to use. The next time you turn it on, it will automatically connect to your device if Bluetooth is activated on the device. If you plan to use two Beatfy 360 speakers to create a stereo effect, repeat the pairing process for the second speaker and follow the manufacturer’s instructions for syncing both devices. You will certainly see the benefits of deciding to buy this music speaker.


Purchasing a Beatfy 360 wireless speaker is a great idea for those who value high-quality sound, convenience and reliability. The combination of power, protection from water and dust, and long battery life make this model attractive for a variety of use cases.

If you want to order Beatfy 360 at the best price and with the opportunity to get a discount of up to -50%, contact only the official seller. Visit the manufacturer’s website, leave a request and receive your order within a few days. Delivery is carried out to the USA, Canada, UK, Australia, NZ and many other countries. Delivery times and costs may vary.