One of the key qualities of a driver is the ability to maintain maximum concentration. In the hustle and bustle of city traffic jams, difficult intersections and problem areas of the road, additional “eyes” can be very useful. A car Dash Cam can play this role. These devices not only help you feel legally protected, but also make your driving experience much easier with a number of additional features.

Car Watch Pro Dash Cam FULL HD 1080 is easy to install in most vehicles and allows you to record audio and current traffic conditions in front of the car in real time. The built-in battery stores settings, date and time, but is not intended for stand-alone use.



Video Resolution (Full HD 1080p):

Dash Cam has Full HD 1080p resolution, which provides video recording with high detail and clarity. This is especially important for identifying parts and recognizing license plates in the event of an accident. The bright display allows you to view the current image in real time, view video recordings of events that have occurred, or adjust various settings.

Rear Camera & Viewing Modes:

The rear camera is capable of projecting real-time images onto the HD screen, providing an accurate view of your surroundings. You can choose between three viewing modes: front camera, rear camera and picture-in-picture mode. The screen clearly displays license plates, vehicle makes and models, and road signs, which can be useful evidence when submitting video to an insurance company or in case of dispute resolution.

Motion Sensor:

The built-in motion sensor is one of the key features. It activates video recording when it detects moving objects in the camera’s field of view, optimizing the use of memory card space by recording video only at the moment of the event. An excellent solution for any transport.

Built-in Microphone:

CarWatch Pro has a built-in microphone that allows you to record audio along with video. This can be useful in the event of accidents, providing an audio recording of events, as well as recording sound inside the vehicle. A unique solution that will improve the quality of your life. A very convenient and effective solution for your car.

Recording in the Dark:

For effective recording at night, the device is equipped with a highly sensitive sensor and night vision technology. This ensures high-quality images even in low light, making Car Watch Pro a useful tool in any conditions. High energy efficiency reduces the cost of using the product. This tool is a must have in your garage.

Viewing Angle:

A wide viewing angle guarantees maximum coverage of events in front of the car. Typically, the wider the viewing angle, the better, so as not to miss important details.

Screen & Controls:

The presence of a display makes it easy to configure parameters and view recordings directly on site. Convenient menu and control buttons provide ease of use. The quality of the product is at a high level.

Connection to Computer:

To view and transfer recordings to other devices, Car Watch Pro easily connects to a computer via a USB port.

Design and Installation:

The compact and discrete design makes it easy to install the Dash Cam on your vehicle’s windshield. Mounting hardware and cable hardware are usually included. An excellent solution for every car owner.

When May It Be Convenient?

Dashboard Cameras can be useful in a variety of situations, providing car owners with many benefits and safety. Here are some situations:

  1. Road incidents and accidents. Camera footage can serve as important evidence in case of traffic incidents, accidents or accidents. This can help identify the culprit and simplify the insurance communication process.
  2. Parking. Car Watch Pro can record events around the car, even when it is parked. This is useful for identifying cases of theft, vandalism, or collisions that may occur while the vehicle is unattended.
  3. Safety on the road. In case of unusual situations on the road, such as aggressive driving, traffic conflicts or emergency events, Dash Camera can record events that may be required as evidence.
  4. Driving lessons. Video recordings can be used to train drivers and analyze their driving skills. This can be useful for beginners or to improve road safety.
  5. Insurance cases. Car owners can use video recordings as evidence in the event of insurance claims related to damage to the car or other events affecting its condition.
  6. Monitoring drivers. Owners of car sharing companies and businesses with large fleets can use CarWatchPro to track driver activity, train staff and improve safety.
  7. Travel recording. Cameras can be used to record travel, capturing interesting moments along the road or preserving memories of a trip.

Where to Buy Car Watch Pro?

You can right now order home delivery of Car Watch Pro in the USA and shipping to Canada, Australia, NZ, UK and other countries of the world on the official website (link in description). When ordering 2 or more units of goods, a progressive system of discounts and other bonuses apply (check with the seller for details).