What if we told you that the solution to several diseases is in your kitchen? Numerous studies and scientific publications assert that apple cider vinegar offers a vast array of benefits and solutions for various common problems and illnesses!

But before delving into the research in detail, let’s discuss the fundamental properties of apple cider vinegar.

What is Apple Cider Vinegar?

Most commonly used in salad dressings, marinades, and vinaigrettes, it is produced by crushing apples and extracting their liquid. Bacteria and yeast are then added to the liquid to initiate the process of alcoholic fermentation, which transforms the sugar in the apples into alcohol.

In the subsequent fermentation process, special bacteria convert the alcohol into vinegar, producing acetic acid. The acetic acid and malic acid generated during this fermentation give vinegar its characteristic sour taste.

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May support weight loss and metabolism

There are several reasons why apple cider vinegar promotes fat loss, one being its ability to reduce sugar cravings and enhance detoxification. Another study conducted on mice found that supplementing the diet with acetic acid led to a 10% reduction in body fat.

Balances blood sugar levels and has a positive effect on diabetes

Medical research has demonstrated that acetic acid can help balance blood sugar (glucose) levels and improve insulin sensitivity.

Use apple cider vinegar in salads or as a dressing. Alternatively, take 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar in a glass of water before each meal.

Helps with seasonal allergies

Apple cider vinegar aids in breaking down mucus in the body, supporting lymphatic drainage, and boosting the immune system. Add 2 tablespoons to a large glass of water and consume three times daily.

Kills bacteria on toes and skin

The antibacterial compounds in apple cider vinegar make it an excellent natural remedy for treating skin and nail infections. Simply apply vinegar to the affected area twice a day. Additionally, after using vinegar, you can apply a mixture of coconut oil and oregano oil to rehydrate your skin.

Reduces appetite

Apple cider vinegar is sometimes recommended as a weight loss aid because it can make you feel fuller for a longer period. It should be noted that the research here is unclear, as several studies suggest that this effect may be due to a decrease in the rate of gastric emptying.

Treats colds and sore throats

Apple cider vinegar is a widely used remedy for treating colds and sore throats due to its abundance of vitamins and probiotic acetic acid. Take 2 tablespoons of vinegar in a glass of water three times a day.

Treats sinus disease

Apple cider vinegar helps reduce mucus in the body, aiding in clearing unwanted mucus from the sinuses. Its antibacterial properties also make it useful in treating infections.

Simply add half a teaspoon of vinegar to a cup of warm filtered water, stir, and inhale deeply into each nostril one at a time.

Energy boost

Apple cider vinegar contains potassium and enzymes that help alleviate fatigue. Additionally, its amino acids can prevent the buildup of lactic acid in the body, preventing exercise-induced physical fatigue.